Mr. Simon Bere

Stripejacket1Simon Bere is a strategy general addict, breakthrough results fanatic and peak performance trainer who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Zimbabwe and a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Technology from Lancaster University as well as several certificates.

Simon Bere is a well-known results metastrategist, performance consultant and speaker with years of experience training senior professionals and advising top entrepreneurs, business leaders and training senior managers.

Simon is an internationally certified nuerolinguistic programming practitioner, certified trainer and certified oral presentation and speaking expert. Simon Bere enjoys developing original training programs, discovering many leading edge insights and profundities, developing ground-breaking solutions in the areas of human thinking, emotions and behaviour, peak performance and personal transformation, organisational development and performance, business, results attainment and goal achievement, marketing, leadership, sales, peak performance, communication and economics.Simon Bere experience spans a wide range of fields from sustainable development, geology, mining, environmental engineering and science, Urban environmental Management, Project Management and Human and Organisational Development. Simon provides his groundbreaking solutions and training and programs to individuals and organisations through consulting, advising, speaking, teaching, writing, training, coaching and therapy. He has trained professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs in the areas of strategy, leadership, practical marketing, communication and personal and organisational effectiveness. He has, and continues to speak on high profile seminars, conferences and workshops.

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