Now You Can Move Confidently from Any Dream to Experiencing its Reality

From Dreams to Reality:

A Step by Step Strategic Guide to Help You Solve Any Situation, Turbocharge Your Performance and Achieve Your Goals

  • You have Read Many Success Books, Attended  Motivational and Success Seminars, Watched Videos, Listened to Motivational and Success audio Tapes and do  you now believe you also can be successful but you now want to know how
  • Do You Want to Finally Move from Your Dreams to Results .The results that motivational books have convinced you that you can achieve?
  • Would you be interested in a book that can guide you to be what you want to become no matter what stage of moving towards you dream you are?If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you have shown that you are looking for success in at least one area of life, not matter how you define that success. And there are many individuals out there like you who are seeking for solutions to help them to achieve their goals, with different people trying different things to achieve that success. Some specific examples of what people are looking in their lives include;

1. Being different in some respect, for example appearance, performance e.g losing weight
2. Having something physical that you don’t have, for example a car, a house etc
3. Having a different and more exciting life
4. Starting your own business
5. Growing Your Business
6. Becoming a powerful, prominent person
7. Climbing higher up the corporate ladder
8. Being  wealthy and rich
9. Passing your exams
10.Turning around a fledging business
11.Living your life according to your full potential
12.Mastering certain skills or abilities

The list of desirables is endless, but all these reflect goals people aim to achieve in pursuit of success and happiness. To assist them to achieve these goals many people resort to personal development support and reading books, watching videos, attending seminars and workshops and audios that talk about success and how to achieve it. Maybe you are one of the people who have ready many books, watched many videos, attended many seminars and workshops looking for solutions and tools to help you achieve your goals. I know people who have read up to one hundred books on success!

For some, success books, videos, Audio tapes, seminars and workshops really help them achieve what they want to achieve but for the majority, they seem to be going around circles, going nowhere. Does this mean reading success books, watching success videos, and listening to success audio tapes, seminars and workshops does not work? You need to realize that these motivational materials work and they have their role . Most success books, videos, audio tapes, seminars and workshops serve their purposes of getting you inspired and motivated and to believe. However if we look at the situation where one does not own a house . It is not enough just to believe that you also can own a house and it is also not enough just for you to know all the good reasons why you must have a house  as that alone cannot bring that house to you. Second, if you decide to build the house yourself, you have got to buy all the materials that are required but again having the materials with which to build the house is not enough. You also need a recipe for how a house is built. Last , you or someone must physically act to  build the house. This means taking the action of putting the resources together in a specific ordered fashion.

Similarly, most motivational resources on success such as books, videos, seminars and workshops focus on motivating you to believe you can also be successful , they focus on the what is and the why about success but they are very thin on the how. This means that they are not written in a recipe format. A recipe or method format that will help you to move from you Dream of one day being and owner of a house to a state of actually being an owner of a house (the Results) .Some of the books designed as recipes for success have some missing ingredients or the recipe itself is not the best one because it misses some key steps. In other words, the how part is hardly addressed and this explains why many people read so many books on success but still cannot successfully move from dreams to results.

From Dreams To Reality is Your Solution

If you have read many books on success and you have awakened some dreams, From Dreams to Results is a practical ,strategic, step by step guide to help you move from those dreams to results. The book covers eight critical irreplaceable foundations that you need to move from any of your dreams to your results.

The book begins with a chapter on Success, challenging the reader to think seriously about what success is all about. The word Success has become a double sword that, if poorly handled can end up hurting people instead of helping them. The purpose of this chapter is to assist the reader to get an empowering definition of success. This is a vital step for happiness and gives people the power to pursue Success without suffering from the negative psychological implications that have become part and part of Success as it is now narrowly defined today

The second chapter is on Self-Management, with the key point that Self-Management is the ultimate measure of Success without which all other forms of success become vain. The chapter highlights the fact that poor Self-management is the biggest source of failure to move from Dreams to Results and also the major reason that turns Successful people into failures. More important the chapter exposes the critical elements of Self-Management that are critical for moving from Dreams to Results.

The third chapter is on Systems Thinking and how this is vital for moving from Dreams to Results. For example, one major reason for failing to move from Dreams to Results is lack of a Systems Approach in thinking, planning and acting around our dreams. By adopting a Systems Approach, things become easy to understand, implement and manage. Many organisations are suffering because of lack of a systems approach to leadership, management and organization. It is important to understand the influence of systems.

The fourth chapter is on Vision, a key variable for success. This chapter emphasises the point that lack of Vision is a major source of poor results, poor performance and poor lives. In addition it gives details of what really is a Vision and how to create a real Vision and not a wild dream, as well as how to make the Vision manifest into real tangible results. Many organizations and people today run without a Vision, or if it is there it is a meaningless statement hanging on the walls.

The fifth chapter focusses on Strategy. There is nothing that is more important in turning any dream into results than Strategic Power. You may have all other resources, but a lack of Strategic Power will render everything useless. In fact, Strategic Power makes everything else possible and Strategic Power is a critical component throughout the process of moving from Dreams to Results. This is a seriously ignored fact that leads to failure more than anything else. This chapter also discusses a critical concept of the hierarchy of strategy, which is a critical strategic tool for success. More importantly the chapter describes what constitutes Strategic Power and how to apply it.

Goal Management is a subject of the sixth chapter. Instead of focussing on goal setting, which is a tactical approach, Goal Management is a strategic approach with all the key steps involved in Managing Goals to Goal identification to Goal achievement. This is a practical approach which helps you to choose and make informed decisions about your Goals. The key message in this chapter is that there are many ways of setting Goals and Managing Goals of which SMART Goal setting is only one of them. In addition, the Goal Management approach is realistic because it acknowledges the fact that there are many things to do in life and flexibility is key in achieving goals.

The seventh chapter is on Action, which is a key step between dreams and results. One major disaster in people’s lives is awakening highly attractive dreams but then failing to act towards turning them into reality.  In fact research has repeatedly shown that many people who read success books and attend success and motivational seminars fail to turn their dreams into reality because they DO NOT ACT on what they learn from the books and seminars. In other words, they do not apply and live by what they know. There are many reasons why people fail to act and these reasons are explained in the chapter, with some key strategies to deal with this success vampire. The chances of dreaming about something expect to become reality without you taking appropriate physical action are slim. Not even the law of attraction will work on its own without some physical action.

The last chapter on the book focus on Game Excellence, which is a quality that all champions in any area of life possess. Again this is one major source of failure in turning Dreams to Results. Game excellence is the capacity for consistently extraordinary performance in a specific domain of life.  Many people set dreams that require some level of performance that is way above what they are capable of attaining, they then do not invest in developing their game excellence and still expect to turn dreams into results. It does not work. For example, if your dream is to become a five star speaker who speaks to international audiences and command at least USD50 000 per speaking assignment, you must invest into turning yourself into a world class speaker it will not just happen until you achieve Game Excellence in your chosen field. The chapter contains very practical  solutions for achieving game excellence in any area critical to moving from  your Dreams To Results.

Author: Simon Bere & Sifelani Jabangwe
Language: English
Genre: Motivational