Don’t Start a Business Without These. Do not run a Business Without These two. It’s a Recipe for Mediocrity or Disaster!

I meet many small and medium business owners, some doing well. I start talking to them about their businesses and when I ask them about strategy, some say they have heard the word but they have never put much time to know what is. Others say they know it. But when you ask them if they have a strategy they become a bit hazy. When talk about a business plan, some say they have, others say they don’t have. When I ask those who say they have to show me their plan; they point to their heads. They say it is inside there, in their heads. It is a big mistake, the reason why many small business owners never reach their full potential and build businesses that can grow and give them a real lifestyle.

Every business owner must have a comprehensive business strategy and a strategic business plan if she is serious about entrepreneurship. If all they want is to earn a living thats fine, but if they really want to make it big business a strategy is not optional, it is a must.

Then I meet many business owners and chief executive officers. They are alone in their game. I ask them if they personal advisors. Most don’t have. I ask them if they have any personal trainer in anything; they have none. I ask them if they have a personal strategist; the majority do not have. Yes it’s true these entrepreneurs, ceos and managers are smart; but even in sport the smartest of them have personal coaches, advisors and mentors. They have personal strategists. It is not a sign of weakness to have a personal support systems; it is a sign that you are 21st Century in your thinking and the way you do things. You see, the 21st Century is not about anything but results; 21st Century CEOs are not there to show anyone how clever they are; they are there to get results, that’s why they surround themselves with a powerful support system of competent people to help them with manage their game and deliver high impact success.

So never start a business without an advisor, coach or strategists and a written down strategic plan. Never run a business without a support system especially a personal strategist, trainer or coach. Never do it. It always helps whether or not you are smart, clever and intelligent.

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