Levels of Thinking and Problem Solving: Explaining Albert Einstein’s Famous Quote

Albert Einstein is famously quoted as having said that we cannot solve problems while thinking at the level at which we created them. This quote has become so famous that it is used ubiquitously in speeches and in the public domain, especially the corporate world.

As with most famous quotes, we rarely stop to ponder what that author of the quote meant to say and no one has really pondered what Einstein meant. I tried to get inside Einstein’s mind to find out what he meant. My model is based on my instuitive hunch on what Einstein meant. Thinking in a different way, what Einstein inferred was;

  1. There are levels of thinking, although he not tell us how many
  2. Problems are caused by our thinking
  3. When we solve a problem while thinking at a certain level, we can solve the problem only using a higher level of thinking.

Based on this assumptions, I have created a 24 levels of thinking model to expound Einstein’s thinking. I have also tried to map out the hierachy of thinking that Albert Einstein suggested.

Simon Bere’s Levels of Thinking Model

I have experimented with my levels of thinking model in terms of the syntax. The quality and power of thinking at the lower levels is very power but it increases up the ladder. In my model, spiritual thinking is the highest level of thinking. For example, a problem caused at the level of reproductive thinking cannot be solved while we thinking at the level of hallucinating. Such a problem can be solved at the higher levels of thinking such as reasoning and productive thinking. This model is subject to improvement.

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