At First You Don’t Have to Worry Whether or Not Your Dreams Will Come True and How!

Many people are afraid of setting dreams. They start telling themselves that they do not have the means or resources to make their dreams come true. The truth of the matter is while it helps to develop a detailed plan of how your dream will come true, setting your dream and making it feel real is by far more important than trying to figure out how the dream will come true.

I am a runner and years ago, I was watching South AFrican Broad Casting television channel and saw a Comrades Marathon Race. I was deeply inspired by people taking on the challenge of running an 89 kilometre ultra marathon. At some level I deeply felt this was something I would love to participate in. At that time I did not have any idea how to do it, given that the Marathon takes place in Durban and I live in Zimbabwe. I had no financial means to make it Durban, neither did I even know how to enter such as race.

Fast forward years latter, an entrepreneur friend of mine who had seen me running many times asked me from the blues (during a casual whatsapp chat) if I wanted to do a Comrade Marathon. Knowing my financial limitations them, I hesitatingly said I wouldn’t mind. He quickly told me if I were up to the challenge he would help me with all the logistics for me to get to the race. He also at the same time offer to help me financially if I wanted to run the annual Two Oceans race in Capet Town. The rest is history.

In 2018 and 2019 I race the Two Oceans Marathons (56 Kilometres each) and the Comrades Marathons (90 kilometres and 87 kilometres) and I am set for the 2020 Two Oceans and Comrades Marathons thanks to my friend.

The moral of the story is simple; dreams come true in some kind of mysterious way. Fear of dreaming and not having personal dreams because we do not have the means to make those dreams come true is shooting ourselves in the head.

Even if you set your dreams and they do not come true, who cares? This is your life and it is better to have dreams and fail to achieve them than being a coward and timid soul that can’t do a simple thing of setting personal dreams, an exercise that needs no more than a piece of paper, a pen and a few minutes of hours.

If you do not have dreams, your life will be full of nightmares. Have a dream. They use the Dreams to Reality Pathway to realise your dream. You can also participate in our dreams to reality coaching sessions or join our dreams to reality club and change your life for good.

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