Boot Camp to Rocket-Propel Beginners in Business to Business and Entrepreneurial Success

Are you thinking of getting into business and starting your business?

Many people want to one day be entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. The majority think about it but never reach a stage of actually acting it out, doing it and set up any business. Some do set up some businesses but they never go far. They meet resistance and challenges and soon the young business goes under. There are many reasons given for why these businesses fail. But most of the reasons cited are the cause not the effect. Here is a different view.

Most people who think about getting into business fail to do so because either they are not motivated to the point of “I am doing it now” or because they have mental (emotional and cognitive) barriers that stops them from getting into the action.
Most people who start businesses fail early during the life of the business because
They get into business without adequate preparation to get into business.
They are lured by fairy tells of a rosy entrepreneurial life and never the harsh realities. When they meet the hard realities they get emotionally overwhelmed and retreat to the safety of life outside business and entrepreneurship
They lack the advanced awareness of what they need to be, to do and to have in order for them to succeed
They are poorly oriented to the business and entrepreneurial life
Adequate to thorough preparation of beginners in business and entrepreneurship will dramatically improve success and ensure new businesses will survive and grow.

The objective of this three day boot camp is to assist beginners in business and entrepreneurship with all the preparation they need to successfully start in business and entrepreneurial life and to start meaningful businesses that will survive and grow.

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