17-19 August 2017, 130 Golden Stairs,Harare, Zimbabwe"/>

Beginners in Business and Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2017

The Ultimate and Powerful Way to Become an Entrepreneur,Get Started in Business and Start and Grow Your Business in Zimbabwe!

17-19 August 2017, 130 Golden Stairs,Harare, Zimbabwe

Get everything that you need to start and grow a highly successful business in Zimbabwe and anywhere including specific business opportunities available in Zimbabwe, the skills and capabilities you need and how to get funding for your business projects.

  • The changes you need to make in your thinking, habits and emotions to become a truly successful entrepreneur and business owner and how to successfully Make those changes
  • Foresee and avoid the Mistakes that Cause More than 80% of New Businesses to Fail
  • Discover the Pathway That Will Make You Achieve Business Success Fast
  • Be equipped, Be Transformed, Be Supported to Start Your Business More Easily and More Effortlessly
  • Learn Direct from Successful Entrepreneurs and Competent Trainers and Strategists
  • The Personal Transformation to Being a Highly Successful Entrepreneur and Business owner
  • How to get all the resources you need to successfully start your business including financial resources

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130 Golden Stairs,
Mt Pleasant
17-19 August 2017

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